Shopper Feedback


I tried them out for the 1st time yesterday. I placed an order (easy from website), requested delivery today between 11am -12pm. I forgot to include the first time 20% off discount but was quickly emailed that it was noticed, and my bill adjusted. Impressive! The Ambassador texted me when within 10 minutes of my delivery and when it was delivered on time as requested!! WOW!! The box was very well packaged, and everything was extremely fresh!!! Priced very reasonably. I'll be using them again!!

Try'll be Impressed! 👍👏

- Jackie, Weston, FL


I wanted to let you know as this was my first delivery and I was extremely impressed. All items were very fresh, and the service provided was exceptional. Specially the delivery, the gentleman taking care of my order went above and beyond. Thank you again for your great service. Thank You.

- Ana, Weston, FL


 I highly recommend Fresh My Way products and services. Their products are always fresh and good quality. It is very easy to place order and you always receive the best quality. Their prices are very competitive.

- Saeid, Davie, FL


Fresh My Way is completely satisfactory, its excellent products are 100% fresh and of very good quality, prices and convenient for me. Excellent delivery.  Thanks for making our live easier!

- Lubieska, Sunrise, Fl.


 We’re very happy with how easy it is to order and the quality of the food.  Plus, it’s always nice to support a local company.

- Brezo, Weston, Fl


I made my first order with Fresh My Way, and it is exactly as advertised!  Fresh, fast delivery, very convenient!! And delicious! We are very happy with them and highly recommend this company very much!

- Candy, Sunrise, Fl


Excellent personalized service, fresh fruits and vegetables, delivery windows scheduled depending on my availability to receive the products in my front door.

- Carlos, Weston, Fl


We thoroughly enjoy ordering from Fresh My Way. We consistently receive high quality fresh produce that is very well packaged without having to spend more time or money at the grocery store. It is extremely convenient to reorder our favorite items and have them delivered quickly right to our front door. There are so many health benefits of having fresh produce, and instead of having to travel to the various produce markets for these items, Fresh My Way makes it easy and efficient to place an order and have these items delivered on our own schedule.

- Laura, Weston, FL