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A collection of the most asked questions from our customers

How it works

Re-fresh your family’s meals by adding super fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables, with new and creative recipes your family will love. You select want you want, and we bring it to you.

Join Fresh My Way today to start enjoying the freshest fruits and vegetables while saving time and money each week.

Fresh My Way partners with name-brand suppliers and professional produce distributors to select the freshest fruits & vegetables for you at unbelievable savings, delivered right to your door. We cut days off the supply chain of the typical in-store produce item and pass those days of freshness to you.

1. Sign-up and place your fresh produce order today.

2. Schedule a next-day delivery or pickup time during the checkout process. Your Fresh My Way Ambassador will confirm the delivery or pickup time.

3. Our produce experts will select and pack your order and deliver it to your Ambassador with other orders for your neighborhood.

4. Receiving your order: Your Ambassador will deliver the individual orders to your home or confirm a time that you will pick up the order.

We currently deliver in South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale (33304)

Plantation (33317, 33324)

Don’t see your city or state here? We’re growing quickly, so please join our mailing list and you’ll be among the first to know when we come to your area.

1. Sign Up

2. Select the freshest fruits and vegetables from our Shop.

3. Add them to your Cart.

4. Proceed to the checkout selection Local Delivery and enter your Zip Code and preferred delivery time.

5. Follow the instructions to pay.

6. Receive your order.

7. Enjoy!

You and your family will start enjoying fresher fruits and vegetables at home while saving both time and money vs. going to the store. Our products are delivered directly to you instead of sitting for up to a week in the supermarket warehouse and store shelves.

Fresh My Way product freshness gives you more time to enjoy your fresh fruit and vegetables at your home.

And we know from experience, fresher tastes better.

Our fresh fruit and vegetable experts work hard each week to source and hand-select the freshest products for our customers. We triple check each product before it is delivered to you. Occasionally during this process, an item may get bruised or ripen too fast. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, freshness or flavor of any product in your order, please contact us. We will promptly refund twice what you paid (200%) for that item or items.

You can read about our refund policy here.

We want to sell you the best of what is in season. We update products and prices weekly based on seasonality and availability of products. We are continuing to source and add great products for your enjoyment. So, check back often for the freshest new products!

Your account

Join our community and start enjoying the freshest fruit and vegetables. Sign up from here.

First sign up from here.

If you have already done that, you can access your information from here.

Of course!

You can access your account information from the "My Orders" page. You may need to sign back into your account before editing your information.

See the menu on the left for the account information you would like to update.

If you have already made an order you can see all of them here.

If you have already made an order you can see all of them here.

Under every order you will see a green button saying "Reorder".

Click there and all those products will instantly be added to your cart.

Shipping and payments

We are delighted to take your order and to deliver fresh fruit and vegetables to you and your family.

Your order will be delivered to you the day after you place your order.

If you wish, you may schedule your delivery for a later date as well.

When you register in you will be assigned your very own Fresh My Way Ambassador who will provide you personalized service – like recommending products, recipes and delivering to your order to you with a friendly smile at your doorstep.

Order pickup can be scheduled with most Ambassadors at a convenient location if that is preferred to fit your schedule. Your Fresh Ambassador will be in contact to confirm a delivery time. If for some reason delivery is not possible when requested, you can arrange a delivery or pickup time with your Ambassador.

Monday through Friday. Available delivery times may vary by day based on order volume and delivery availability at a given time. Please check and select an available time for your neighborhood when placing your order.

Our delivery fee is $5.

But we have great news! Your delivery is FREE for every order over $30 :)

We accept most major credit cards along with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal

Yes, up to 8:00pm EST the day you place the order. If you want to make a change on the same day that you ordered, please contact your Ambassador or email If you add to your order, we will send you an email to get approval to pay for the additional Items. If you remove Items, we will Issue you a credit.

We pack our orders early each morning. Once your order has been submitted for packing, we will not be able to change your order. To give us time to make an update to your order, we ask that you contact us no later than 8:00pm EST.

Yes, Orders for delivery tomorrow must be placed by 9:00pm. If you need to change an order after that time, we will do our best, but cannot guarantee changes once orders have been sent in for selection and fulfillment.

Our produce experts will carefully select and pack your order and deliver it to your Ambassador to ensure the highest quality.

If this is not the case, we are very sorry!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our produce. We have a 2-day refund policy, which means you have 2 days after receiving your item to report an issue and request a refund for a product that does not satisfy you.

Read more about our Refund Policy from here.


When your Ambassador contacts you, let them know that you prefer to receive your order without having contact.

We are very committed to taking care of the health of our clients and Ambassadors.