About Us

Our Mission

We love fresh produce. It not only strengthens our bodies, minds and spirits, but it strengthens the communities where fruits and vegetables are grown with meaningful and productive employment.

In the recent rush to create online delivery channels, many have forgotten to about how to keep healthy fruit and vegetables fresh, tasty, and affordable.  We want to fill that gap. At Fresh My Way we believe everyone should be able to access healthy, delicious, fresh food for themselves and their families. That’s a big deal, it’s a big goal, and it’s our mission - “To Make Healthy Food Accessible to Everyone.”




Our Focus

As produce experts, we are obsessive about taking great care of fresh produce so it stays fresh longer at home and provides that delicious eating experience we expect.  We pay close attention to all the best handling and storage practices so you don’t have to.  And we only handle fresh produce because one size does not fit all.

When the pandemic hit, we were amazed by the rapid growth of online grocery sales and saw that this was a before and after moment for how people will buy their groceries. As we looked closer, we were shocked by three things:

1. Online grocery has taken the fun and exciting factors out of fresh produce

2. Those picking orders usually do not have produce expertise, so product quality and freshness was not always maintained

3. and online shopping is usually more expensive than in store. So, you are paying more to get a worse experience.  Making access to healthy food even more of a challenge.
We have built a better solution. We also curate a seasonally evolving assortment of the most popular fruit and vegetables at the peak of freshness and quality, so you can enjoy all the freshness and favor of the season at home.

Our products are sourced, hand-selected, and packed by produce experts, not a delivery person. Our produce is kept fresh, and it gets to you several days faster than if you had bought it in a grocery store – so you can enjoy those extra days of fresh taste with your friends and family.



Our Background

The Fresh My Way Team is made up of passionate, hopeful, and experienced produce people. We love finding, sharing, and eating the freshest produce. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience in the produce industry, leading, innovating, and operating some key produce brands. We’ve been lucky to work together in lots of capacities and settings—as leaders at large companies, as board members, and on our own smaller projects. We have a fun bunch that looks forward to working together each day.

Today, we are having a blast building a better way for consumers to buy, receive and enjoy fresh produce. While we believe produce is exciting and fun, we are also serious and determined to make Healthy Food Accessible to Everyone.  We hope you will join the growing Fresh My Way community as we work to help shoppers get fresh fruits and vegetables their way.